Spirit Bear Quilts

Quilting with a splash of spirit.

Smithsonian Quilts

Martha Soule c. 1790

Are you interested in old, historic quilts?  

Did you know that the Smithsonian Museum has a whole section devoted to quilts?  If you are unable to get there, you can actually view the National Quilt Collection from the comfort of your home.  Make a cup of tea, set aside some time for yourself and have fun exploring!  I love seeing all the hand quilting.

Below is an excerpt from the Museum:

“The National Quilt Collection incorporates quilts from various ethnic groups and social classes, for quilts are not the domain of a specific race or class, but can be a part of anyone’s heritage and treasured as such. Whether of rich or humble fabrics, large in size or small, expertly crafted or not, well-worn or pristine, quilts in the National Quilt Collection provide a textile narrative that contributes to America’s complex and diverse history.” ~ National Quilt Collection



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