Quilts of Valour


It’s important to show support for our Canadian Armed Forces members.  



Quilts of Valour is a charitable organization that “supports injured Canadian Armed Forces members past and present, with quilts of comfort.”  Their “mission as a Society is to ensure that all Canadian military members, past and present who are ill or injured as a result of their service and sacrifice to our country, are recognized and honoured with a Quilt of Valour.” 

How can you get involved or show your support?

Help show our Canadian Armed Forces that we care and that they are remembered every day, not just on Remembrance Day.  Watch the presentation ceremonies below to understand that this cause truly makes a difference.    

QOV Ceremony

Martin (Jay) Frechette
3 minutes, CEFRG

QOV Ceremony

Joesph Earl Kennedy
3 minutes, CEFRG

QOV Canada on Global

How it started, how it works
4 minutes, Global News

QOV International

Australia or USA?

Support QOV USA, QOV Australia