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Stepping Stones


Autumn Leaves and Bright Jewel "Sushi Rolls" by Princess Mirah Designs for Bali Fabrics and Stash


  • 61″ x 68″

Expansion Options


  • Paper piecing
    • None required

Optional but helpful

    • Light box for tracing
    • Add a Quarter ruler
Image from Quiltworx
From Quiltworx

The beautiful batiks are making this UFO so fun. 

NOTE: This is one of my UFO’s, Unfinished Objects.  It’s in progress and I’ve finished the first set of blocks! 

I’ve had this Judy Niemeyer pattern for a long time and the batik fabric probably just as long, 10+ years?  I just forgot I had it.    

I really wanted to make another bold, vibrant batik quilt and thought what better pattern than Stepping Stones by Quiltworx.  This pattern was designed with 2.5″ strips in mind.  Judy Niemeyer has specially curated batik strip bundles which are showcased in the pattern covers.  

For this project though, I decided to use ups some collected strip rolls and my stash.  Below are pictures of the two “sushi rolls” of 2.5″ strips I chose, Bright Jewel and Autumn leaves.  

I started quilting and then stopped, again…  

Anyways, after starting to make blocks last year, I stopped.  The local quilt stores ran out of black fabric and I needed it for the sashing.  Due to the pandemic, they are sold out and didn’t know when the next shipment would arrive.  I put my name down and waited, and so did this quilt…again.  

Four months later, black was back and I had no excuses left to not finish this quilt.  I’m loving the batiks.  As I cut and sew, I find myself always staring at the watermarks, bold patterns, and colour movements that make each strip unique and beautiful.  I’m done one block set, more to come.

Stepping Stones Quick Speed

3 Minutes by Masquerade

Sorting Bali Pops for Stepping Stones

3 Minutes by Quiltworx

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