My UFO Abduction

This is my UFO face.  Grumpy, huffy with a twitch in one eye. 

UFO’s, better known as Unfinished Objects, mess with my brain.  They are Elf on a Shelf for quilters, silently watching and judging us.  

I have UFO’s missing binding, not quilted, half quilted, in plastic tubs and bags partially cut up and randomly shoved into drawers, closets, cubby holes and sometimes just out in the open.   

To help finish something in 2021, I’m joining Quilting Gail and her PHD program, Projects Half Done.  Made a list and Kanban.  Wish me luck.    


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UFO's to Do
2021 Starts
UFO's Completed
  1. Quilt – Guild Mystery
  2. Quilt – Cosmic Shimmer
  3. Quilt – Stepping Stones
  4. Quilt – Mariner’s Compass 
  5. Quilt – Dear Jane, Nearly Insane
  6. Quilt – Flowery Strip
  7. Quilt – Blue waves
  8. Quilt – Red-work Stitchery
  9. Quilt – Kid Layer
  10. Table Runner – Brown stars
  11. Table Runner – Dresden
  12. Wall – Lolly Gagging
  13. Wall – Garden Stitchery
  14. Bag – Blue birds
  15. Pillow – Blue-work Stitchery
  16. Face mask – Owls DONE
  17. Flower Stitchery
  18. Needle Case 
  19. Christmas Ornaments
  20. Quilts of Valour blocks DONE
  21. Butterfly thing, not sure what it is
  22. More when I find them…
  1. Quilt – Nebula, BOM
  1. Face mask – Owls (January)
  2. Quilt of Valour Blocks (April)

My UFO Kanban

  • UFO, Cosmic Shimmer, borders
  • UFO, Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler
  • UFO, Stepping Stones
  • Quilt, Nebula – BOM
  • UFO, Face Masks Owl
  • UFO, QOVC Hug Blocks

What is a Kanban?

It's a simple, visual project management tool for managing multiple tasks efficiently. I'm just an IT nerd at heart. ♥

UFO's Completed
1. Owl Face Masks. Completed January 2021 

I’ve had this batch of 7 face masks cut and ready to sew for so many months.  Pieces are ear straps (2), nose bridge (1), chin flaps (2), inner lining, inner polypropylene layer, outer owl.  Finally finished!  

Owl Masks Before
Owl Masks After (7)
2. Quilts of Valour Canada Hug Blocks. Completed April 2021 

Ordered the Quilts of Valour Canada fat quarter bundle last December to make Hug blocks.  After many weekends, finally finished sewing 27 9.5″ blocks!  Mailed them off and hope they become well loved.   

UFO's in Progress
3. Stepping Stones, Quiltworx – In progress 

I finally starting to sew blocks for this beautiful Judy Niemeyer quilt.  The paper was cut and traced long ago and the sewing stalled when black fabric became hard to find.  Using “Sushi Rolls” called Autumn leaves and Bright Jewels by Princess Mirah Designs for Bali Fabrics.  Finished 2 set of blocks. 1 more sets and borders to go.  See my Stepping Stones post for more information.

4. Started Nebula, Block of the Month, Jaybird Quilts – In progress 

Started this Block of the Month quilt this year.  I receive 4 months at a time and working my way through.  It won’t actually be quilted and bound until next year, so technically it’s a UFO!  I’ve finished 4 months of blocks and just received the next set of 4 blocks.  See my Nebula post for more information.  

5. Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler – In progress 

From the novel, the Master Quilter, by Jennifer Chiaverini, Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler was born.  The bridal sampler is made from 140 different six inch blocks.  The pattern is found the the book, Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler from Elm Creek Quilts.  

I’ve started and stopped making this quilt for so many years.  I’m close to having 50 blocks completed.  I’ve done all the “easy” blocks.  Just the challenging ones are left.  Decided to do something different by posting this on  Instagram as a What block am I?” game for encouragement.  See my Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler post for more information  ♥  

Book, Fabric and Blocks

More to come