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Buggy Barn – Scardey Cats


Janet Rae Nesbitt


Scardey Cats


Frightfully Crazy
by Buggy Barn


Buggy Barn, homespun, wool and assorted cotton

  • 46″ x 64″
  • “Crazy” stack cutting and piecing
  • Freezer paper
  • Buttons
From Buggy Barn book
Buggy Barn

This is the Scardey Cats quilt from an old book called, Frightfully  Crazy by Buggy Barn.  

The pattern uses the “Crazy” piecing technique which involves a special way to stack all the fabrics, cut them, shuffle the colours and sew it all together.  The only think I needed to get special was a roll of white freezer paper.  I found this easily at the grocery store.  

The Crazy piecing technique was really quick to learn and easy to do. 

I love Halloween fabrics and collect them!   This quilt was a perfect way to use some of them up.  I mixed in some homespun cottons for added texture.  Wool was used for the star bow tie centres and candy corn BOO!  The combination of materials made for a very folksy Halloween feel.  

I tried making each cat a little different.  Some were wild with offset, mismatched eyes.  A couple were normal, wondering why they were in this crazy family cat picture. 

The long-arm quilting was done by Lauren Tolhurst.  She put spooky spiders, ghosts, cobwebs, bats and witches on brooms throughout.   

This book is currently out of print but Janet Rae Nesbitt has many new books that use the Crazy method and similar cats.  She now designs and publishes under One S1STER.  

Loved using a mix of cotton, wool and homespun for folksy feel
Spook-tacular fun Halloween Quilt
Crazy technique is quick and easy to do